July 13, 2024

ServiceNow Exam Practice CAD 2 Question 1 to 60

Jun 19, 2024

CAD 2 Questions 1 to 60

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When a selecting a data type for a field that will be displayed on a form, which of the following statements is NOT correct?

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Identify Characteristic of a Record Producer Choose 3 answers

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What configuring an access Control which has no condition or scrip, which one of the following statements is NOT true?

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When configuring the Content of an Email Notification, which Syntax be used to refence the properties of an event triggering the notifaction?

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Which of the following is true about deleting fields from a table?

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Which one of the following is NOT part of the form designer?

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Table that extend a table do what?

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How can an application link to a repository behind firewall?

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The tassk table is an example of which of the following ? Choose 2 answers

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What is the ServiceNow Store?

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Which of the following methods are useful in Access Control Scripts?

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a.To replace outdated, inadequate, custom business application and processes

b. To extend service delivery and management to all enterprise departments

c. To allow users full access to all ServiceNow tables, records, and fields

d. To extend the value of ServiceNow

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Which one of the following database operations cannot be controlled with Application Access?

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Which one of the following is true regarding Application Scope?

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Which ATF test Step allows you to Create a user with specified roles and groups for the test?

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Client side scripts manage what?

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Which one of the following is true for glideUser(g_user)methods?

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Which one of the following is NOT a debugging Strategy for client side Scripts?

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Which of the following is NOT a way to install an application on a ServiceNow instance?

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For Application Access there is a configuration option called allow access to this table via web Services. Which one of the following statements is true when this option is selected?

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When Evaluating Access Controls ServiceNow Searches and Evaluates:

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Which one of the following is NOT a UI action type?

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Which of the following statements must evaluate to true for a user to pass an Access Control ?

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In a Business rule, which one of the following returns the sys_id of the currently logged in user?

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Which Source control operation is available from BOTH studio and the GIT repository?

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Which of the following is Not a trigger type in flow Designer?

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When working in the form Designer, Confiuring the label of field in a child table changes the label on which table(s)?

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Of the create module field is selected when creating a table, what is the new module's default behavior?

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Which one of the following is NOT an example of when an application might use a Scheduled Script Execution(Schedule Job)?

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Which application access configuration field(s) are not available if the can read confinguration field is NOT selected?

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When Creating an Application through the Guided Application Creator, Which of the following is a user xprience option?

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Which Class is Not part of the Client Side scoped APIs?

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From the List below, Identify one reason an application might NOT be a good fit with ServiceNow. The Application


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When writing a client script to provide feedback targeted at a specific field, which method should be used?

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Which of the following statements does not apply when extending an existing table?

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What records are used to track cross-scope applications or scripts that request access to an application, application resource or event?

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When a ServiceNow instance requests information from a web service, ServiceNow is the web Service

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Which platform feature can be used to determine the relationships between field in an import set table to field in an existing ServiceNow table?

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Which one of the following is true for a table with the "allow Configuration" Application Access option Selected?

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When creating a table in a privately scoped application, which four access Controls are created for the table?

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Access Control debug information identification weather each element of an access control granted of denied access. The elements of an access control evaluated.

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There is a basic Strategy when creating a utils Script Include. Identify the step that does not belong:

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Which Report type(s) can be created by right -clicking on a column header in a table's List?

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Which one of the following is true for a script include with a protection Policy value of Protected ?

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When Designing and Creating a form, what do you create to organize fields on form?

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A graphical View of relationships among table is a <blank>

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Which of the following is not supported by Flow Designer

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Which of the following CANNOT be debugged using Field Watcher?

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Which of the following are configured in an email notification?

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Application developers configure ServiceNow using industry standard javascript to

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To see what scripts, reports, and other application artifacts will be in a published application:

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It is best practice to define the business requirements and the process(es) an application will manage as part of the application development plan. What are some of the considerations to document as part of the business process?

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How must Application Access be configured to prevent all other private application scopes from creating  configuration records on an application’s data tables?

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Which method call returns true only if the currently logged in user has the catalog_admin role and in no other case?

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What are some of the benefits of extending an existing table such as the Task table when creating a new application?
a) You can repurpose existing fields by simply changing the label.
b) Use existing fields with no modifications.
c) Existing logic from the parent table will be automatically applied to the new table.
d) All of the parent table records are copied to the new table

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Here is the Business Rule script template:

(function executeRule (current, previous */null when async*/){

}) (current, previous);

This type of javascript function is known as:

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Identify the INCORRECT statement about DELEGATED DEVELOPMENT in servicenow

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What is a Module?

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Which of the following features are available to Global applications? (Choose two.)

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When configuring a module, what does the Override application menu roles configuration option do?

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