July 13, 2024

ServiceNow CAD 3 Practice Test

Jun 23, 2024

Questions 1 to 60

CAD 3 Practice Test Questions 1 to 60

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Which  of the following statements does not apply when extending an existing table?

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With regard to email which of the below statements about the recipients is correct?

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In an email how do you call a parameter from an event that invoked the email?

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When Debugging a developer can set breakpoints or conditional log points to log messages to the console at specific lines. and remove log points then they are done debugging them. Which system property must be set to true to use log points?

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Data Policies are for form views. State true or False

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For what process step could a mind map come into play?

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When Evaluting Access ServiceNow ServiceNow Searches and Evaluates

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Whar are Application Files in a ServiceNow Application?

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One of the Uses  of the ServiceNow REST API Explorer is:

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Which one of the following is true?

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Which server-side API debug log method id available for the scoped applications?

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Application developers can specify which ServiceNow page a user sees after submiting a new record using the record producer UI. How is the page Specified?

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Which server-side object provides methods for working with dates when writing a script in a privately scoped application?

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Which actions can be Busines srule take without scripting?

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When Writing a Client Script to provide feedback targeted at a Specific field, which method should be used?

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Which one of the following is true for the application Picker?

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Which one of the following is NOT true for modules?

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Which one fo the following is NOT required to link ServiceNow application to a Git repository?

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A scoped application containing Flow Designer content deicted to a particular application is called a(n):

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Which of the following methods prints a message on a blue background to the top of the current form by default?

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What syntax is used in a Record Producer Script to access values from Record Producer from fields?

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The Source Control operation used to store local changes on an instance for later application is called a(n) <blank>

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How many applications menus can an application have?

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Which objects can be used in inbound action scripts?

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Which one of the following is NOT a purpose of application scoping?

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In a Business Rule, which one of the following returns true if the currently logged in user has the admin role?

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When Configuring a REST message, the Endpoint is

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Which roles grant access to source control repository operations such as importing applications from source control, or linking an applicatioon to source Control? (Choose two)

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When Creating new application files in a scoped application, cross scope access is tuned on by defalut in which of the following?

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In an Email Notification, Which one of the following is NOT true for the wegiht field?

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Module must have a Link yype. Which one of the following is a list of link Types?

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